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 Another Scammer Nataliya id= 257084

Author: Ivan  ()
Date:   02-13-19 12:29

Be warned guys!
This one kept the letter writing over 12 letters before asking for money as follows (She works in a beauty salon she said):
" ... . It's just a pure luck for us to have that great expensive machine in our
salon, the only one in our city! .... I closed the door of the salon, and run away from her, I even couldn't imagine that I had forgotten to switch off the machine. It was working for all last night and this morning unless the director came to work today.. needles to say the machine was broken.. and it is my fault.. the repairing costs 380 usd.
... I don't have the money.. I tried to borrow from my relatives and friends, but succeeded to collect only 50 usd. The director is furious at me. She demands me to have paid the money by the beginning of next week. I feel so miserable.. I am in outer despair. I am the unhappiest girl in the world.. if you can help me somehow to pay I will be very grateful to you. Please, help me soon."

I told her I never send money to strangers I have never met at least once in real life. Her reply to that was...
"I don't want to waste my time for a greedy man. Bye!"

I was certainly expecting something like this to happen. The previous letters were too good to be true. But this is definitely a new scammer excuse for me.
So be aware, Nataliya from Perevalsk with id 257084 is definitely a through bred scammer! :))

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