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 antiscam site

Author: James  (
Date:   03-06-08 23:56

Hello! My name James. In the past I have been many times deceived by the Russian and Ukrainian girls too. I communicated with many girls from Russia and Ukraine on different sites. Each time I thought, that has found that unique girl who is necessary for me. But she once again appeared s?ammer. All girls with whom I communicated, wanted from me only money. I sent them of money for tickets, for the visa, for mobile phone, etc. I have spent many money since I started to communicate with girls on sites of acquaintances. My friend who has really found to itself the Russian wife, has prompted me a good site, on check of girls on authenticity. This site checks Russian and Ukrainian girls for scamming. Now always before seriously communicating with the woman I check them on authenticity. This site name is This site to me and to my friends has very much helped. I advise all to take advantage of this site. It can help to keep to you your money.

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