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 My casual meeting...

Автор: Irena (87.252.227.---)
Дата:   01-10-09 18:21

I was registered on this site only with one thought, to find my HAPPINESS. I corresponded with somebody. I tried to know those people more better, but when i learnt them more, I have been more disappointed. Nobody searches for real relations here. ..Only games.
I have found my BIG LOVE in a real life. It was casual meeting OR...it is the Destiny . But I thank God for a meeting with my beloved.Though he lives in Canada and I live in Belarus,the big distance does not interfere to us to communicate easily and simply. I feel his tenderness and his care of me EVEN on such big distance . We speak on the phone very often, when we not together. And I AM happy!!!!
Of course, I will remove my profile here, but there was a huge desire to tell all about my happy meeting.

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