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 Re: Осторожно мошенники

Автор: Alex ()
Дата:   11-03-17 14:09

From Mrs Rebecca Udarra
My Dear Alex

I am the above named person Rebecca Udarra I am married to late
Mr.Robinson Udarra as an widow suffering from long time illness
Cancer, the doctors have been trying there best but the truth is that
i am not geting better. I want to make a donation of 3,500,000. Three
Million Five Hundred Thousand Euro to help Orphans and Widows and
Charitable home in your Country and I assumed that you will be able to
receive this Fund and use it to my wished to the needs in your country
and i am seriously ill please always putting me in your daily prayers
because i don't know when it will end with me.

Reply back to me immediately for more details.


Mrs Rebecca Udarra

Че это за развод? С кем ни познакомлюсь, все пишут одну и ту же ХЕРНЮ! Вижу что развод, а вот в чем он заключается хрен его знает?

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