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 United States Guy Here Again

Author: Marcus Brown  ()
Date:   11-20-19 01:39

Had to repost 😅 Hey everyone. My name is Marcus. I'm just your averae guy. Nothing really special. At least I don't think 🤔 I really enjoy laughing and making others laugh. Though sometimes my jokes aren't that funny. I still try my best anyway. I enjoy working out. It always feels good to get a good work out. I really enjoy walking. Even if I have a car, I'll still prefer to walk someplace if it close enough. Sometimes when you walk, you find things you would have totally missed if you drove by. I'm also a big of a geek. I enjoy playing video games and watching anime on my free time. That's when I have free time. Most of my time us spent working. As wl as writing. I am a part time Author and Publisher. So all together I have alot of things to keep me busy. Which is good. I hate to be bored 😱. But on top of all the stuff I want to find a girlfriend to spend some time with. Maybe even pull me away from other stuff. The reason I am choosing a girl online and not here in Los Angeles, is I'm looking for a girl from outside of the United States. Us girl are kinda 🤔. Not sure what word to use. Anyway send me a message. Hope to hear from you soon. And I'm not sure how the messaging works on this app so I'll put some of my info at the bottom of the post. Thank you for reading all of this as well 😅

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 United States Guy Here Again   new
Marcus Brown 11-20-19 01:39 
 Re: United States Guy Here Again  new
11-22-19 18:34 

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