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  Discouraging brother about internet brides new harvy34  05-23-18 04:09 
  Friends signed me up for Latin America singles club new anthon64  05-22-18 04:30 
  A foreign lady wants to video chat with me. new johncarlo39  05-18-18 04:06 
  My ex invited me to her wedding. Should I go? new amarshall08  05-17-18 12:10 
  Thread Lift - A Great Face Lift Option for Men new Anne  05-17-18 10:58 
  My girlfriend's friend is sexually flirting with me new alexis36  05-17-18 09:42 
   Coffee or movie for first date? new harold09  05-17-18 03:09 
  Pondering a realigned Most significant League Baseball highlighting regional riv new BrettBoyko  05-14-18 07:01 
  My girlfriend is asthmatic and I have pets at home. new kristian65  05-11-18 04:23 
  My sister's husband is so annoying. new tanner30  05-11-18 04:12 
  What's the perfect gift for an anniversary? new willbf5  05-11-18 04:11 
  Mom is grieving. I donít know how to console her. new gregy26  05-10-18 06:47 
  I made a hole in my gf's favorite bag. HELP! new worriedbf3  05-10-18 03:38 
  My mother-in-law's boyfriend is a gold digger new kimsmith30  05-10-18 03:36 
  Girlfriend just confessed she's into girls new jaspers83  05-09-18 04:50 
  How do I tell her she needs to mature? new nicoff3  05-09-18 03:30 
  Girlfriendís not too sure about our relationship. Should I leave? new filipe34  05-08-18 05:28 
  Should I marry my gf who is pregnant with my child? new clark014  05-08-18 03:03 
  Brett Nicholas traded towards San Diego Padres new BrettBoyko  05-07-18 06:24 
  The tale of a insane Yankees-White Sox finishing in opposition to 1934 new BrettBoyko  05-07-18 06:23 
  The shorter Yankees vocation of Fred Mitchell new BrettBoyko  05-07-18 06:21 
  Who is the major danger toward the Yankeesplayoff hopes? new BrettBoyko  05-07-18 06:19 
  Her dad doesnít like me I donít know why new westley85  05-07-18 03:07 
  I really wanna migrate to where my girlfriend is living new calvz21  05-07-18 02:52 
  Gf has toxic friends. Need advice. new marco  05-04-18 03:46 
  My sister is 6, almost 7, months pregnant new kenan78  05-04-18 03:03 
  My family is upset about me and my gf new herman  05-03-18 04:47 
  My buddy ran away from home to live with gf. Need advice. new denzhil35  05-03-18 04:43 
  Fee Fi Fo Fum new Darya  17  05-02-18 09:18 
  Looking for Russian visa information ? new Dale Benson  11  05-02-18 09:18 
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