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  She wants a baby but I am not yet ready to be a father.. new Greg Evans  09-20-18 12:07 
  My friend's boyfriend is hitting on me. new Krizia  09-19-18 11:55 
  serious relationship abroad! new Hossein Mashinchian  09-18-18 22:03 
  Should I push through as a wedding photographer? new ronniephoto32  09-18-18 14:51 
  Long distance is rough. Should I keep fighting? new Griffin  09-18-18 14:51 
  Looking for foreign Husband new Nadine Jade  09-18-18 14:51 
  I Survived Hurricane Wilma new Watt  09-18-18 14:51 
  Hi everyone im looking for a friendly getting to know each other... Rather road. new ningz  09-18-18 14:51 
  How to make an interracial relationship work new malvin48  09-18-18 14:51 
  My wife and I are thinking of starting a business new tommy64  09-18-18 14:51 
  What’s it like to be married to a foreigner new eugene  09-18-18 14:51 
  Adapting to different timezone? Flying to Thailand new owen39  09-18-18 14:50 
  Gf spends way too much money on online shopping new ford79  09-18-18 14:50 
  hi new fhaye  09-18-18 14:50 
  How to surprise my foreign girlfriend? new begaythew  09-18-18 14:50 
  Passport lost in a foreign country. What to do? new brett39  09-18-18 14:50 
  How do I get a translator in Kharkov? new robert64  09-18-18 14:50 
  Transportation options in Cartagena? new philip  09-18-18 14:50 
  Getting a prepaid number in Medellin for vacation? new rramirez40  09-18-18 14:50 
  Been emotionally tired lately. What to do? new diego12  09-18-18 14:50 
  Visiting Davao for the first time. Where to eat? new drew43  09-18-18 14:50 
  Visiting my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. What should I bring? new steveMurphy88  09-18-18 14:50 
  Contacting each other outside of dating site... new darnzryl1963  09-18-18 14:50 
  It all started with a Facebook Page new gjones1964  09-18-18 14:50 
  Friends are not supportive of my relationship new ranier  09-18-18 14:50 
  My cousin does not clean up and it frustrates me new maryjean28  09-18-18 14:50 
  I travel a lot and it affects my dating life new lance63  09-18-18 14:50 
  Du Oilless Bearing flanged bearings China Manufacturer new slidebushing  09-18-18 14:50 
  Composite Bushing bearing bearing suppliers and manufacturer new slidebushing  09-18-18 14:50 
  My grandpa's death is affecting my relationship new trenton35  09-18-18 14:50 
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