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 Finaly a normal letter

Author: Andrew  (
Date:   07-29-05 08:03

I had given up on replies to these girls because initial letters were all much the same, a little over the top, asking to reply to a private email, something about not having a father and of course the old "my mother is very ill routine" which would appear in about email #3. Even some of the PPL I initiated contact with would just vanish (especially the ones I confided in about my grandmother) So I got kind of bored with this and stuck to just reading the forums and finding other things to do. Then I get an email from a person who actally sounded normal, I mean normal as in this is what I expect to hear from a sane person who I have only just met so I will continue. Her letter -

Hello Andrew !!!

I am glad to receive the letter from you! Do you have the computer?
What to write to you, I should use the Internet cafe here in city.
Here there is only one centre of Access in the Internet.
I want you to to not be the offended fact if I shall not write everyday
because the Internet cafe - very much is not close to me.
But only when I shall have chance, I shall do it because I like to
write letters to you, and I see that you small interested in me also.
I shall try to continue to inform you more me and my life here.
I hope, that you support me in it and will try to inform a little bit
more about your life there and the answer for some of my questions.
I want to tell, how, I have learned the English language.
First I have learned it at school and than in professional liceum - so
I think, that I know it not so bad.
And orally also - all friends speak, that I speak the English language
very much, but I think, that they to flatter me slightly.
But I have small problems with a spelling.
And sometimes I use the translator.

All good

Sharing my thoughts -
Andrew :)

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