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 black list Timothy Max Quey

Author: Larissa  (178.216.166.---)
Date:   03-29-12 18:48

Dear Mr Tim Quey,

This is the last message for you here (as I am working and I do not have any resource to spend my time in no van just posting everywhere as you do). My aim was to keep ladies from Russia informed about you as a person and etc. I am not going to discuss your penis size or your sexual life with your ex-wife here or whatever and wherever as you do. And I am not going to keep the the whole world as you said here to be informed of anything to get any abusive information about your private life and etc. But thank you for giving us more evidences of you as a person/man or whomever. Please, note that any public accusation one person about his guiltiness in ones persons death (as you said about your moms death) and about anyones private life (as your did) and accusing of forgery any documents!!! is to be protected by the Russian, European and even US law. So we will work on it. I recommend you to spend less time here, work at least as you had been still working as you had reconfirmed to me before and if you pretend to be so ideal person to be a man at least then, you should not ask women here what you should do ( , , : ) Is to prove your claims in the court.

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