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 Gf earns a bigger salary than me. Is it okay?

Author: samuel19  ()
Date:   01-15-18 03:03

My girlfriend earns bigger than me and I feel emasculated about it. She works as an IT professional in her hometown and she is compensated really well. Iím in the real estate field and my salary hasnít been the same since after the recession in 2007. I know this wouldnít have been a big deal for others but it is for me. Should we still continue dating?
I grew up in a traditional family where men provide for women. In fact, my mom was a homemaker after her marriage with my dad. I already told her about my family on our first meeting at a romance tour.
Although I donít expect her to do the same, I still want to be the main provider if we ever build a family together. Is it still okay for us to date even if Iím already having these thoughts? Should I open this up to her? Advice please.

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 Re: Gf earns a bigger salary than me. Is it okay?

Author:   ()
Date:   03-16-22 10:07

Hi sam, You need to till your GF About your problem.

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