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 How do I get a translator in Kharkov?

Author: robert64  ()
Date:   02-07-18 01:23

A friend of mine is attending a singles romance tour soon. He convinced me to keep him company, and I thought it was a good idea at the time. I thought it was in an English-speaking country but it turns out he’s going to Kharkov. From my research, people living there speak Russian or Ukrainian. Lucky for my friend, he’s half Ukrainian so he was speaking the language since he was a child. In hindsight, I should’ve figured he’d choose a country that had Ukrainian as its primary language.
I need to get a translator to help me understand what people are saying to me when I visit the country. My friend wouldn’t be with me all the time so I have to learn how to go around on my own. Do you guys have any recommendation who to get?
Is there any agency that can provide personal interpreters for tourists? How much would a day cost for them to follow me around? I’d prefer a translator that’s a bit cheaper. We’re staying in the country for three days and if they charge on hourly basis, that’ll definitely be a lot to pay for. I need any help you guys can give me. Thanks.

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