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 My cousin does not clean up and it frustrates me

Author: maryjean28  ()
Date:   04-25-18 03:28

My cousin is coming over my place for some foreign matchmake tours which he registered for. He lives in the United States and he has been single since his college days. Hes such a sweet man and hes quite gullible. He is like a father figure to my kids whenever hes around at home especially whenever my husband is away for work. I really have no problem except whenever hes at my house, he never cleans up after himself. For instance, if hes done using the dishes, cups, or kitchen utensils, he never washes them. I always have to force him into cleaning up. He has always been like this since we were young. But for goodness sake, hes already a middle-aged adult, he should no longer depend on others to clean up after him. What should I do about this? How do I effectively talk him into becoming more responsible when it comes to cleaning up.

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