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 Her parents make me feel I am after their wealth only.

Author: Frank Diaz  ()
Date:   09-21-18 10:42

I am getting married few months from now with a woman Iíve been dreaming to spend the rest of my life with. My fiancé comes from a wealthy and politically-inclined family. I, on the other hand, is just an average person. I become a well-off man today because of my hard work but sheís been born with a silver spoon in her mouth and grew up at a foreign country. Even if our hearts beat as one, I cannot deny the fact that my way of living is very different from hers. Itís countless times already that her parents make me feel I am only after their wealth. Her family is making me feel I donít deserve her and that I am not welcome. Itís very insulting in my part but I always keep in mind that I love her and sheís loving me sincerely and thatís what matters. Right?

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 Re: Her parents make me feel I am after their wealth only.

Author:   ()
Date:   03-11-19 20:54

Am maureen bello through my email address here ok I'm not always at new dating

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