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 The Black Web

Author: Trey  ()
Date:   03-06-19 16:46

With all the postings of scammers and bad experiences on this website and the website itself is not doing anything to remedy the Huge Scammer issue on this site it has turned into the Dark Web!!! Itís like signing up to this website is like posting ďHere I am, all Scammers please write me to try and scam me out of my money and waist my time((( I havenít given up on my search for the needle in the hay stack, but this site much worse than any other I have been on has a Much Higher chance of ONLY meeting Scammers as this site doesnít do anything at all about removing scammers even after you have provided all the proof required and have seen others here post same experience with the same scammer and have provided proof she has several profiles here!!!! So my suggestion is to just find a new dating website as this one is only good for entertainment and shock value!!!
I have also traveled to Ukraine and had the same experience from scammers, many websites recommend not wasting time and money to see just one woman as most likely she is a scammer and hopefully one of the woman you travel to see will hopefully be Honest!!! Unfortunately I havenít found one yet from any website, the only way I have found honest woman there is the old fashioned ways, talking in Cafes and different places, as these websites seam to attract far to many scammers looking for there next potential victim/ Sucker to try and scam money from!! Thatís why trying to arrange seeing them in there Country is usually the easiest way to spot a scammer, as this seams to be there biggest MO on how to attempt to get money from you!!! At least if you travel there, plan a vacation out first there just Incase the Woman turns out to be a scammer you have not wasted your time and money on just them!!!

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 Re: The Black Web

Author:   ()
Date:   03-11-19 19:51

Unfortunately, online scams attack every dating website, this problem is huge and rather old. The best way to avoid being scammed is to keep in mind the idea of not sending money under any reason especialy to someone you've never met in person.

It's really important to keep sober mind while communicating with new people online. The potential scammer wants to move to personal email quickly and communicate personally, off the website. The scammer falls in love too fast as well. Their photos are mostly professionally made, no casual pictures. They need money for a small or big reason and start asking for help sooner or later.

We ask our users to report any confirmed fake identities, attach photos and copied correspondence as a proof of scam intentions. This info we add to the Stop-scammers list to to protect other people from being used as well. We are against dishonest people who do their dirty business using internet and dating services like ours.

We are grateful for those who share experience and help blocking off scammers.

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