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 She wants a baby but I am not yet ready to be a father..

Author: Greg Evans  ()
Date:   09-20-18 11:07

My wife has been wanting to have a baby for quite a while now. She keeps asking when weíll have our own kid. She seems really excited to be a mother but the thing is that I am not ready to be a father. Donít get me wrong, I do love her and I would really love to have a kid run around inside the house but I just am not yet ready to play the role. I am still super stressed at work especially with my current clients who are Colombian women and are very strict when it comes to details on the plan. I just canít have a baby right now. I donít know how to tell her this because I know it will hurt her feelings.

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 Re: She wants a baby but I am not yet ready to be a father..

Author:   ()
Date:   07-24-20 04:47

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