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 Demystifying Magic Damage in Dark and Darker: What You Can Block

Author: DonnaStella  ()
Date:   09-27-23 06:20

Hey, what's going on, gamers? It's Ryan here, and today Dark And Darker Gold we're diving deep into the world of Dark and Darker, specifically exploring the intriguing topic of magic damage. If you've ever wondered what types of magical attacks you can actually block in the game, you're in for a treat. In this article, we'll dissect magic damage into four categories and provide you with insights into what can be blocked and what can't. So, let's get started on this magical journey.

Breaking Down Magic Damage
To effectively understand what magic damage can be blocked in Dark and Darker, we'll categorize it into four distinct types:

Melee Magic Damage
Projectile Magic Damage
Area of Effect Magic Damage (AOE)
Hit-Scan Magic Damage
Now, let's explore each category and see what can be blocked.

Melee Magic Damage: Yes, You Can Block It
Melee magic damage relies on physical attacks connecting with your character, and therefore, it can be confidently said that all forms of melee magic damage in Dark and Darker are blockable. This might be an obvious one, as it depends on a physical hit that you can indeed block with a shield or a blocking weapon.

Projectile Magic Damage: The Surprising Truth
Projectile magic damage might seem tricky, but it can also be blocked. All types of projectiles in the game, including spells like Ice Bolt, Magic Missile, Fireball, and Hellfire, can technically be blocked because they have travel times. When you successfully block a projectile, it triggers a block reaction. However, keep in mind that some projectiles have additional features that may still damage you.

Ice Bolt: This spell does not have any additional damaging effects, so you can block it entirely, preventing frostbite.

Magic Missile: While each orb can be blocked, the fast sequence of this spell means you'll only block every other orb due to your block recovery window.

Fireball: Blocking the Fireball itself will prevent about two-thirds of the damage, but there is also an AOE splash that will damage you even if you successfully block the projectile.

Hellfire: It can be blocked in the sense that it triggers a block reaction, but unlike other projectiles, Hellfire does not get consumed by hitting surfaces, so it won't do anything but stagger you.

Hit-Scan Magic Damage: Baiting and Blocking
In a surprising twist, hit-scan spells in Dark and Darker can also be blocked, although they don't trigger a block reaction. These spells, which include Dark and Darker's hit-scan spells, do not deal any damage to the player when blocked. However, blocking hit-scan spells depends on your opponent's aim rather than your own blocking skills, as they rely on your opponent's accuracy.

The only practical application for this in high-level play might be baiting out the cast and raising your shield to block partway through the animation. Additionally, a special case is Clarity Judgment, whose original cast can be blocked by a shield but does not trigger the skill's cooldown, making it technically blockable but not penalizing the caster in any way.

Area of Effect (AOE) Magic Damage: Unavoidable Destruction
Here's where things get straightforward but harsh. At this moment, no AOE spells can be blocked in Dark and Darker, and they will not trigger the block reaction. This includes spells like Lightning Strike and other AOE abilities. It's important to note that AOE spells can also damage through surfaces, allowing you to use them strategically through doors and walls depending on their effective area.

In Summary

To summarize what we've learned about blocking magic damage in Dark and Darker:

Melee magic damage can be entirely blocked.
Projectile magic damage can be blocked, but some may have additional damaging effects.
Hit-scan magic damage can be blocked, but it depends on your opponent's aim.
AOE magic damage cannot be blocked and will not trigger the block reaction.
Remember that the world of Dark and Darker is ever-evolving, and the mechanics might change in the future. Stay updated with the latest information, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

As you continue your journey in Dark and Darker, armed with this newfound knowledge about what types of magic damage can be blocked, you'll be better prepared to face magical threats. Whether you're expertly blocking projectiles or dodging AOE spells, your understanding of the game's mechanics will be your most valuable asset.

Thank you for joining us in this exploration of magic damage in Dark and Darker. If there are any significant changes to how magic projectiles or hit-scan spells work in the future, we'll be sure to update the information. Until then, keep gaming, stay vigilant, and we'll see you in the next adventure.

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