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Author: Oyelami Nurudeen  ()
Date:   11-12-23 09:36

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share my story on how I went from 1 match in a week to 70 matches in just 24 hours without paying for premium features on a dating app. As an Asian guy on the NYC dating scene, itís been a tough crowd. Honestly, I was doing okay, but 'okay' wasn't really cutting it for me. I felt like I was just blending into the background.

I found this app called Artisse through social media, I decided to give it a try, so Artisse is an AI image generation app where it lets you create really clean photos literally anywhere in the world doing anything you want to do. It gets like 14 photos of yourself, trains it into the AI and then allows you to pick theme packs, text prompts, or image prompts to put yourself into the photos, and it isnít catfishing because it literally looks exactly like you.†

This completely changed my matches within the first 24 hours, because I was able to take photos that Iíve never been able to do before, sometimes its a lighting issue, sometimes its an environment and I also suck at taking photos, but this app literally did everything for me.

I recommend if you are going to try this app go for the lite plan to start off on and get the dating theme packs and prompts, Iíd say very much worth it rather than spending 20 + a month on premium subscriptions across multiple dating platforms. Iím actually a big fan of the theme prompts, theyíre usually a pack of photos that have certain themes like professional, dating, job photos, etc.

†I highly recommend if you really want to get your photos as close to you as possible go with the image prompts, theyíre very simple and easy to use especially if youíre new, the others might get complicated and might give you strange results. I mean the app overall is great just be careful with getting too many prompts at once, the loading usually gets stuck (contacted support about this so hope they can fix that soon).†

Here is my before and after, I mean massive difference instantly. Just keep in mind the pics arenít everything, you still need good bios, you need a good game when you talk to people and you need to really present yourself, but this really gives you a massive edge over thousands of other people trying to get a date. On the last 4 dates I had 3 out of the 4 went extremely well (still working on it though lol). Thinking of trying this with premium dating app profiles to see the results, will keep you guys updated but I really recommend this for people who really want to to find someone and who also want a date before new yearsÖ



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