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 okay I am wrong

Author: Blaine  (
Date:   05-05-05 07:06

But for once in my life,I am going to play the Devil`s Advocate. I will read the periodical information magazines in Phoenix,the same ones that promote concerts and local events. In the back of these magazines are all the legal escort services,for any sexual position or fancy you might have. Call 1-900-EAT-MINE for 3.99 a minute ( just kidding) for phone sex. A young man might spend 20 or 30 USD each call. Is this a scam? Well--these services are sold obviously. Advertizing is expensive in a major city. Now imagine for a moment earning 50 dollars a month in Khirgyzstan . Of course an impoverished country is grabbing at the internet to make their lives a little better. How much different is it then the thousands of unwelcomed mails I get wanting to sell me this or that--trying to give me items for free? Many more Americans trying to sell some useless stuff on the internet. I think the professional make- believe women ( men,women, babushkas,kids,a dog..) are just poor people who are street smart or computer smart. Enough to practice a lucrative business. It is of course a little different then an above-the counter enterprize,but it is no different then the men I see (and women ) standing on the major crossroads and thoroughfares on Phoenix highways. Collecting on the 5% rule of " how many give money." I have seen men and boys in Mexico wiping windshield wipers for any money you might have. You may argue that this is really a service for money,and not an outright deception for money,but look how many men are serviced emotionally by a professional elocutor who can calm the roughest sea in his heart, and become the only desire in his life. It is a skilled profession, but very different from the pickpockets and muggers you might meet up with. It is not a scam. I hate that word. It is a "con",or "con job". Like any good con--it makes you believe in something enough that you will do any stupid thing to have it.. It is a service that leaves the customer with the worst end of the deal. It is like buying a defective car. Been there done that. If any woman of interest reads this--I think about all men--every man has a different level of maturity,and this is why it is hard to read into the qualities of other people. A young man will get burned,but hopefully he will think before he sets his ass on the hot stove again. It`s part of growing up,like falling off a bike. You have to learn how to fall down--and get back up again. I occasionally am curious to see some of the make-believe -woman sites,and the anti make believe women sites just to see if I recognized anybody. Sometimes I do. Usually I already knew they were the insincere women,and if not, just a few letters convinced me. It is easy to spot,and not a threat for me. .

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 Re: okay I am wrong

Author: tann  (
Date:   05-05-05 16:32

When people stop to believe others, when everyone will suspect everyone, people will learn how to protect yourselves from cheating but... I am afraid they will forget what are trust, openness, empathy. Oh people, do not be shallow, do not diffuse yourself for little things.

I tell you that there are no…
Years vainly lived by me,
Unneeded ways walked,
Misspent thoughts thought.
There are no untouched worlds,
Not even gifts given past,
Waste love also doesn’t exist.
Love, misguided, sick…
its timeless crystal light
always shines in me and
all the time with me.
No, it’s never late
to start your life again,
to start your first walk,
This way, that from the past –
No single world, no groan
to be scratched off.

... my weak attempt to translate a Russian poetess Olga Berggolts.

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 Re: okay I am wrong

Author: Galya  (
Date:   05-05-05 19:02

Tann, these words are nice, you are right!... I think, the main strengths and beliefs are inside of us. Surrounding world is full of bad and good things. If we can't change something, it's better to notice more light moments and keep optimism inside !

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 Re: okay I am wrong

Author: James  (
Date:   05-09-05 07:17

I like it - stay positive !!! I agree. You never know what tomorrow will hold, and if you keep being positive, then anything can happen in life, and maybe your dreams will come true.

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