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 Nigeria Scammers

Author: James  (
Date:   06-04-05 05:49

Guys - Beware of any girls from Nigeria on this or any other site. They will write to you and get to know you, and then ask you for favour. You will receive money orders from people in USA and they will ask you to cash them for you and send them the money/you dont cash them and you send money. ITS A BIG SCAM !!!!!!! In reality these are nigerian men posing as women to lure you into a trap. These money orders are counterfeit and if you deposit them into your bank account, you could be guilty yourself of commiting crime - deception. So please be careful.

I see that there are some nigerian women on this site. I wonder how many are real.

Nigeria is No1 scam place in the world today, Lugansk is 2nd.

So please take extra risks if you decide to correspond with girl from one of these places.

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