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 V.V.Putin and the Magic Ring

Author: john  (
Date:   06-30-05 13:37

Where I live we are all New England Patriot fans and last week Vlad joined our team by purloining the championship SuperBowl ring of the team owner, Bob Kraft. I think Bob should gladly let him have the huge ring, worth over $15,000, and besides invite him to the next SuperBowl.

I like President Putin and hope he keeps Russia on the right path to prosperity and democratic peace. Incidentally, does he have to give the ring to the Treasury? Can't he wear it out once in a while, like when he comes to see President Bush at his ranch in Texas?

Mrs.Bush and Mrs.Putin get along well together, and we shouldn't underestimate the power of nice women.

What do you lovely Russian girls think of this? They say that possession is nine-tenths of the law, and Vladimir has the ring. I say let him keep it and udachi, wear it in health.

Vsevo khoroshevo, Dyadya Vanya

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