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 True stories from Lugansk

Author: James  (
Date:   07-27-05 06:27

This was letter from nice, real, genuine girl from Lugansk - shes on - and i confess she is first real girl that i know from Lugansk. Please read carefully what she knows about Lugansk. I am now sure that there are plenty of real women looking for love in this city, but it may be a bit tougher to find them, so give it a try, as i am sure it will be worth it if you can find one. :)

Hi, James,

The sites are really nice, I already looked up through them.
As well from my side Iíd like to advice you to avoid agency, , , , , - there are only scammers there!!! U wonít be able to find a genuine female there. It went like that Ė I was on vacation and one of my friends asked me to replace a girl there for 2 weeks as she was going to Turkey for 2 weeks to have her vacation. Till that time I had no idea about a dating agencies, how they work and so on, but the told me that Iíll just need to translate some letters and thatís it: which is very easy for me. So, I came the next day and they explained me the basis of my future work. Are u ready to find out the truth?! So, listen, what I saw when I got to their office Ė itís just one small room, one table with 1 computer on it and some girl sitting at the desk!!! What an agency, consisting just of 1 room ( hehehe). So, as I found out latter this was the girl answering all the incoming mails!!! Girls who were registered in the agency and whose pics were uploaded on their sites even didnít get the mails which were sent for them as only this one girl was composing replies for all the incoming mails and she was the one to keep a correspondence. Can u imagine that!!! I was really shocked. But thatís not all folks yet Ė while explaining me the principles of work, this very girl told me that Iíll be required to ask men for money to be sent through Western Union!!! To say that I was shocked is to say nothing. I left the agency the very day I discovered the truth. So, I wanna worn you and u can tell all your friends as well.

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