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 Travel Best - Sergey - Scam Agency

Author: James  (
Date:   04-17-06 09:52

There are multiple recent scam reports that dovetail together. The 'lady' writes several letters, sexy photos are sent and eventually the 'lady' has her travel agency make 'direct' contact to collect funds for her travel to you. The agency is "Travel Best". Look at the full headers of all the email messages and you will always see: "EHLO sergeye0731072" in the received header. The person behind this scam is Sergey. There are no girls, no travel agancy, just our comrade somewhere in Russia trying to find a rube.

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 Re: Travel Best - Sergey - Scam Agency

Author: Lorentz  (
Date:   04-29-06 05:07

This subject is in obvious need of a HEADLINE and a new thread line, .. well,.. because it "dovetails." - I mean, no way would anyone read it if it simply appeared on just a thread about scammers. - Do you think it might be lost or overlooked there, just because there are so many threads about scammers?? - I dunno, lets make another thread and talk about it.

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