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 fraud using a false web site for travel

Author: David Franzus  (
Date:   08-25-06 17:56

Hello My name is David and I want to share a new and novel way to scam to potential members on this web site. I recently met on this site a very attractive woman named Marina. However I was suspicious of her intentions for three reasons which by now you already know. The first were her pictures which were quite provacative. The second were here letters which appeared to be form letters revealing very little about her and of course the last being her hurry to meet me........where in my own country of course!! Now what gives this story a twist and should be of some interest was how the scam was set up. Unlike most women who ask for the full amount of money she only asked for about 500 dollars "willing to pay the rest" She provide a travel agency which on the surface appeared legitamate TRAVELGEO complete with numbers to call website information. However when I attempted to call the answer I accessed thru the internet every travel agency in Russia and could not find this agency listed. This was a very convincing scam. Marina provided what appeared to be a legitamate passport and would probably have been successful except the amount of money she asked for even with what she said she could pay herself would barely cover her expenses to the USA and not her return trip home. Bottom line if someone provides you with information regarding obtaining tickets and travel from abroad double check the veracity of the agency itself. If this an old topic I'm sorry I've wasted your time but for me this was definetely something I had not encountered before David

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