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  David franzus (id=48987)  
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David franzus

Age: 65
Registration date: 17.05.2006
Date of last visiting: 20.01.2011
Updating date: 14.06.2009
Country: United States
Height: 5'8" (173cm)
Weight: 175 lbs (79kg)
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brown
Marital status: divorced/separated
Children: yes
Education: MA/MS
Occupation: professional
My favorite pastime: movies, exhibitions, with my friends, outdoors activity, depends on my mood
My favorite music: different kinds
My personality traits: honest, kind, faithful, refined, sociable, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, optimistic, romantic, serious, confident, quiet, smart, responsible
My favorite cuisine: Different kinds
Languages: English
Religion: Christian
Heritage: White / Caucasian
Do you drink?: I drink socially
Do you smoke?: I do not smoke, but I don't mind if others smoke
How do you feel about drugs?: Nothing but medicines
About Me: Hello How are you today? I hope your day was bright and happy, and if it wasnt I hope my letter will change it and bring a smile to your face! :-) My name is David Franzus and I live in the place called Kingsport (state Tennessee), USA. Do you know where it is? I guess probably not so, let me tell you. Kingsport is a city with the population of 50,000 buthas all the advantages of a city of 500,000 in Russia. There is a major university 15 km frommy home, an airport with over 20 flights each day, an excellent school for children less than 5 minutes by car (the schools in my city are among the best in the state). The city is surrounded by mountains with lakes, rivers and parks and is by far the most beautiful area in this region. Do you like the ocean? It is only five hours away by car and its my favorite place to visit whenever I am not at work, I drive to the ocean and enjoy the beach and the sun. Would you like to join me one day? :-) About me. I am 53, and I have my own private practice as a doctor. I have my own office and help people to stay healthy and save lives for already 20 years. In the USA, it takes longer to study for a doctor than in your country: after finishing the secondary school, it took me another 13 years of studies to get the education as a Doctor of Internal Medicine. My career as a doctor has and will always be the most important part of my life. As far as I can remember myself, it was my first priority in life my education and then my career. Now I am financially secure, and can enjoy the results of my dedicated work. Why am I not married? I have been married before, and I am now divorced. I have one son, who is 8 years old. My son lives with his mother and I take him to stay with me on weekends. We are on friendly level with his mother, but she has her own life and I have my own life. We are different people, and this was the reason why we divorced. Why do Iseek my second half so far away from home? Ihave traveled to many places from Australia to Hungary, Romania, Austria, Ukraine and Cyprus, to name just a few. I have found Eastern European women to be intelligent, attractive and share my interest in a harmonious family. Are you looking for a real man? Someone with whom you will feel like behind a stone wall? Do you want a happy, strong, harmonious family? Do you want to have children in your marriage? Do you look for a man who is purposeful in his career and can provide for his family? Do you want to meet a man, who has a sense of humor? Do you want to build your marriage on the basis of mutual understanding and respect? Are you searching for a man who does not need for you to work - but will support you in whatever you wish to accomplish,fromthe keeper of the home to owning your own business, whatever your dreamsmay be? If you do, I can be the man you are looking for. I am sporty without any mental, physical or emotional problems. I can be happy at home or out at the theater, movies, concerts, camping or traveling. I like stimulating conversation over a glass of wine, love to read and keep up with the latest in technology - not only in my profession but in all that concerns us all on this planet, which becomes smaller every day. Can you just think about it, we are living hundreds of kilometers away from each other and you are reading my letter right now, and we can meet any time we want all it takes is just a few hours by plane! I traveled extensively through Europe, and if you and I feel we may be right for each other, it will be easy for me to visit you in your country or meet somewhere else for a vacation together, if you wish. If you believe in destiny,look at my profile - and if you are interested, email me and I willbe waiting for you. I know that you have a deep love for your country and your heritage, and only meeting an exceptional man can probably become the reason for you to leave your home and family, and move to live in another country like USA. I believe I can be that man - or I would not be writing to you. Do you believe in destiny, ? I do. Your new friend, David P.S. [, I understand you may be receiving many letters and probably it takes some time for you to answer them. I ask you to answer my letter, even if you are not interested. Simply email me back and say, Thanks but no, thanks and I will respect your wishes. I am really interested in you, and I am waiting for your answer.David
  David franzus (id=48987)  

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