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 International Passport

Author: Pete  (195.10.1.---)
Date:   03-11-07 08:26

Several ladies I have communicated with have mentioned difficulty in obtaining international passports and visa's. Is this really the case, I travel to Egypt regularly and if the number of visitors from Russian and the Ukraine are anything to go by this does not seem to be a major issue. Any advice

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 Re: International Passport

Author: Yulia  (
Date:   03-12-07 04:52

There's no difficulty at all to get international passport in Ukraine. And it's not too expensive either. For about 35$ one will get his/her passport in 4 weeks. Getting it in one week would be about 100$.
Visas are different issue, becasue it depends visa type and country one is going to travel to. Egypt is no problem at all.

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