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Last name: Nizovtseva
Age: 27
Location details: Kirov, 610000
Postal address: Engelsa 12-45
Phone number:
E-mail address: Masha []


These are just some of the contradictory messages I received from this lady

My pleasant! How are you??? I am fine! Yesterday I have accepted last examination and pupils today to have a rest on a vacation till the autumn. I should finish have put at school a little and too to go in holiday. I yesterday have written the application on registration of my documents. They will be made out during 10 days. I shall be at you on a visit 2 weeks but if I shall bother you I can leave earlier. I to want to be at you as it is possible longer to learn you as it is possible better and to discuss with you plans for ours with you development of the attitude further. You to want, that I slept with you in one bed or not? I to want to sleep with you together. I yesterday have received wage payment, but to me did not give holiday money. At us in Russia frequently such it happens, that detains payment of wage payment. To me will pay holiday money only in August. It is very good, that I saved money for holiday. I should pay my documents till July 12. I still yesterday wanted to pay all, but to me did not give holiday money and it has broken my plans. I need 90 American dollars. At us all payments pass in dollars, but can send in 80 euros. These are not so big money. I receive 80 dollars a month as wage payment. I to not ask you about it, but I cannot find this money till Saturday. I shall necessarily give them to you as me will give wage payment in August. The rest everything is all right. I yesterday have received my inquiry from the ministry from my mum. She speaks, that the Ministry of Education will pay the ticket of the plane so, that all is good. I to give you the address of bank where there is a system monetary transfers western union. Vyatka - Bank. Chapaeva, 7. Kirov, 610035. Russia.
Also I give to you the home address and the full name. It is required to you when you will transfer money. Maria Nizovtseva. Engelsa 12-45. Kirov, 610000. Russia. Please send money today! I shall go now in school, and then to wait your letter! Love! Maria.

Hi my love Valter!!!
I to study all concerning my arrival to you.
I am writing you from Moscow and now I am sitting in the internet cafe.
I prepared a medical insurance for travel to you
and to fill in a form fro getting visa. In embassy they said me that I need to get a Shengen Visa. I read a documents about Shengen Union. And if someone want to visit one of the country which included in Shengen Union then this person need to get a Shengen
Visa and obey the following requirement:

- Have a valid foreign passport
- Have a medical insurance
- Don't be registered in list of persons enter for whom is closed in this countries
- Have enough sum of money for living on time of stay in country (it is not less 1000 $ on all time Visitings) and a person must have a tickets for return home
- Don't pose a threat for social order and national safety
- Fill the form for getting visa
Non-compliance with the even if one aforesaid requirements lead to automatic rejection application of visa. I am waiting a moment of our meeting with
great impatience and hope that you too. I need to show 1000 $ in embassy for getting visa because without this money and without visa. In it all a problem. I to not know it and to think that to me it will be necessary to pay only cost visas. At us in Russia 1000 $ it is the big money and I do not have such money. The Ministry of Education of accumulation will suffice only on payment of a roundtrip ticket and on my residing at Moscow. I can save the greatest only 770 $. I can't go to you. I to want to ask you about the
help. Have gone to me please missing 230 $. want just want to tell you that I will not waste this money and return it to you in the airport and you will be use a money yourself. I simply need to show it and because only after it I will get a visa. Ok my dear I hope that you understand my situation: I understand that I create a subsidiary problems for you but not me invented this Shengen Union. I am register in reception in Monday and on this reception I need to have this money as I cannot pay while tickets for the
money allocated to me without reception of the visa. Please hurry up because we have no many time. if you can send 230$ today. Monday is a deadline. I
am missing of you here and every evening I thinking about us and our meeting. Now I am going to go to the hotel and first of all I will eat because I am very tired today and very hungry. You can send money to me
through system Western Union or Money Gramm in your bank in any bank of Moscow. I will be waiting for your reply soon. I love you my honey!


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