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You're still pretty new at this dating business?

The advantages of online dating attract millions people to online dating services. Once seen as a "last resort for lonely geeks," the benefits of online dating add up to an effective and more enjoyable alternative to the traditional dating scene that anyone can appreciate.

An easy alternative to bars and clubs

If you dont like bars, clubs and singles hangouts, you dont have wrack your brain thinking of alternative places to meet people. Online dating is as good as it gets for choice and opportunity, and it's available from home.

Choice - and availability!

With thousands, sometimes millions of members youd have to do an incredible amount of socializing to meet as many people as you can by joining an online dating service. Even better, you dont have to worry about whether or not someone's available - everyone's single and looking.

Background information

Regular dating is pretty much a shot in the dark - you like someone, you date, and then discover something you really dont like! It's disappointing at best, heartbreaking at worst. Online dating profiles and initial one-to-one communications give you information up front so you can make better choices and follow them through with confidence.

Risk-free flirtation

Most online dating services have simple, low key tools that let you check if the interest is mutual before you take things further. If its not, no big deal you wont get slapped round the face or otherwise humiliated!

You actually talk!

Theres no doubt that talking is the best way to get to know someone and with online dating thats what you do share ideas, experiences, beliefs, anything thats important to you - with no distractions. In a few hours, you can get to know someone better than you would in a whole week or month of dating offline.

Sensibly paced

You can take things slowly, feel out the possibilities, get to know people, and let relationships develop (or not) at a more natural pace than being single one minute and on a date the next. And if things don't work out, you'll have plenty of time to back out gracefully.

Shop and compare

With online dating, there's a larger grey area between dating and not dating than there is offline. You can pursue several possibilities at once without earning yourself a reputation or hurting anyone's feelings, to see who emerges as the most likely candidate for your affections.

The new mobile dating site, which can be seen by keying into your mobile phone browser, is linked to the internet dating web site, and can therefore be used by existing members who will simply login using their current details.


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