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Here are a few things that have worked very well for me and they may help you.

First letter should be informative yet interesting. Most all the letters I sent I got a response (over 95% or more). I wrote a full page that basically gave them a brief snapshot about me and my family, and general likes.

The Do NOT's:

I never mentioned dislikes. Never have anything negative in your letters. Its a sure turn off. Always be positive and optimistic about life.

Never write something your not able to expand upon or deliver. Most Russian ladies will keep your letter if they want to pursue getting to know you better. They will ask about something you wrote ten letters ago so make sure you are honest.

Never use slang words. Write simple clear sentences. Good interpretation is important.

Don' talk about your business accomplishments. Most ladies do not care to know all the details. Its enough for them to know you are able to support a family. What they want to understand is you and what your personality is like and what your views are about life, relationships, and family.

Don't send a photograph of you and some friends drinking or at a beach with some woman hanging on you (use common sense).

Never talk about "Russian" problems. No matter how much you think you know about Russia you will never know it or see like a Russia does.

The Do's

Be energetic and enthusiastic about life and about meeting that perfect someone to share your life with.

Be kind and courteous at all times. Be a gentleman. Russian women love respect (as all women do).

Always write (on your first letter at least) with great curiosity about her and her life and interest. Make the letter equally informative about you as you are requesting information about her. Keep things equal.

If they have a child then make sure to ask about their child or at least mention that you understand they have a son or daughter etc. Russian women want to know you have interest in the whole "package". They like talking about families.

If the letter you send cost the lady money to receive or reply make sure you cover the cost in advance and make sure you note that in the message that her reply is already paid for. $5 - $10 USD is a lot of money for Russian lady to send a letter back to you so do not put the burden on her in the initial correspondence. Unless your letter is exceptional good you will probably not get a reply simply because she does not want to afford the cost.

The last and most important thing is to just be yourself. Write what you feel and try to avoid the Do Not's. Keep things real and in perspective. Women of all cultures want a man who is realistic. Russian women demand trust so do not break trust with them early on. Be honest be yourself and most of all be a gentleman.

New Dating

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