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Last name: unkonown
Age: 26
Location details: Kazan, Russia
Postal address: Kazan, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I would like to inform you of a possible scammer. I have been e-mailing Maria (28371) since March 2/2005. She is still on your web site. On March
29/2005 she sent me an e-mail to a travel agency for information to pay for her travel to Canada. I did not get a reply from them. I think it was all the questions I asked of them. She was even kind enough to sent me the account numbers of the travel agency.

Account number ; 408028108371801112298
Bank Bik ; 048860630
INA account ; 3010180300000000630

Just recently, April 23/2005, she sent me a letter asking for $200 USD to help pay for internet service because her girlfriend is sick and she needs to help pay for her treatment. Both times was to use Western Union.. I did not send her any money.

Here is a message mentioned above:
>Greetings my dear!
>Today I have visited the Internet of cafe, and have
>received your letter. It - very much great pleasure for me to receive your letters. In me all is good. Every morning, when I am raised after dream I think of you my honey. I lie down evening to sleep and I think
>About you!. This big happiness, that we have found each other my prince. I want to speak you my love, that I have a small problem with payment of the Internet. Business which term of my service the
>Internet of cafe soon expires. And I cannot write to you if I do not pay the Internet, serve the Internet of cafe. Unfortunately I cannot pay it from monthly wages. I want to help the girlfriend as she has got in hospital. My girlfriend has problems with health, she will demand urgent treatment this month. She cannot begin treatment - she has lack of money, it can have complication with health. If you have an opportunity to help me, please do it for me. I shall be very grateful to you. It will be very difficult for me to interrupt our communication. I am compelled to search urgently money to correspond to you, mine a favorite the person. I very much want to remain in contact to you my love. If you can help me, please send to me it with the help of the western union. For me it - very much a shame to ask
you money. But I do not have output!
>I need in 200USD!
>Love. Sincerely yours Maria!!!!!


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