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Kristina ( Kristushka)
First name:

Kristina ( Kristushka)

Last name: UnKnown
Age: 23
Location details: Snezhnoe, Ukraine
Postal address: 17 lenina Str,
Phone number: 380662577832
E-mail address:


Kristina is your basic Translations service scamer
All the same scan you will see on dating site and our of control on New Date, this scam contacts men with letters and many Photo's from G rated to sexy eye opener Photo's with women in swim suits .<br />
the women Leads you on to belive she is very much interested in you then Poof !, you get a Translations service sending a message demanding to pay a Hugh sum of money to translate her letters .<br />
Also the scam works on your deepest feelings by telling you the women has fallen on hard times and now can't pay her translations fees anymore .
The real scamers name in this big fat lie is a women named Kate Pogodova who is suposed to be the Translater service owner .


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