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Last name: Unknown
Age: 28
Location details: Russia
Postal address: did not give any
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Elvira contacted me from her New Date scammers aproved profile .She will send you many Photo's and letters with content claiming how she is so deeply in love with you .
Then after about 5 letters she claims she can't live with out you in her life so she has contacted a travel agent for airline ticlets - visa - and other travel documents that cost 450 Euro which she needs you to send the money to her by western union .Even when I confronted her she will never be issued a visa she still continued to tell me the travel agent needs to money so she can travel to the U.S to be with me .
When asked who will write the letter of invitation for her needed for the vise .
She just passes that question by .
Also like all so many scammers she claims not to have a Phone because it is broken .
Elvira will send many Photo's of her ages of her young teens to early 20's so she has been doing these scams a very long time .


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