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Age: 30
Location details: Kiev, Ukraine
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This loser just emailed me asking for money! Here is his message. His new dating ID is 131276

Hi! I will be with you fair. My name is Oleg, I live in Ukraine, in the city of Kiev. Single, children aren't present, with girls doesn't carry, because on work 2 months, financial crisis in the country don't pay the salary. I eat, I am bad, I remove habitation and I can not pay off with the owner.
If to you the destiny of the good young man isn't indifferent, I would like that you have offered how many can, I on this money will buy normal meal.
I from you don't demand anything, simply I ask about the help.
If you dare to help me, I am registered in payment system Money Bookers ( - Mine Email:
Also there is a virtual purse in WEB MONEY-Z213845308358
Yours faithfully Oleg


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