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Alice, Kate
First name:

Alice, Kate

Last name:
Age: 22
Location details: Samara/Yoshkar Ola, Russia
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:


This is the letter I received from AliceKate, member number 141702. She/must have randomly sent out this letter to others since she/they do not even appear on the page of women who have looked at my profile.<br />
This letter's sole purpose is to solicit money. I did not come to this site to hand out money. So here is the letter I received:

Hello , We are two Russian girls, Alice and Kate. and we need your help. We understand that it's bad. but we do not know how can we be in this country, Russia. need to pay for education, our parents do not help us, we try to do everything yourself, but there's no possibility, studies take a long time. we try to worknight in a hospital, restaurants and other places, and in the afternoon we go to university, but strength and health .my want to get an education and get out of Russia. if you can help us we would be very grateful. we are trying to survive in our country, and do not want to bee people who drink all the time. please if you can help us to help.
our mail:


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