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Last name: unknown
Age: 25
Location details: Kazan Russia
Postal address: unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:


After 10 email messages spaning one month, increasingly of the "I love you" slant, I received a request for money for "visa and ticket".<br />

Hello ,
Hello,my dear loved! I was so pleased to receive your new letter. I was thinking and dreaming about you for all this time!I was going to speak about it with you for a long time,but I am afraid to look uncorrect. I hope you don't mind about my today's letter and it's topic. I would like to speak with you about our future meeting. We have already talked about it for many times. So,I hope you will share my point of view. I think you understand that we have been writing for each other for quite a long period of time. I suppose we had already known enough about each other. And now we are ready(I hope) to meet and know even more about us. I would like very much to sit in front of you,see in your beautiful eyes and talk for the whole
24 hours! Just being close to you and your heart... On the one hand,correspondence is certainly one of the best ways of knowing what kind of people we are,but on the other hand, live talks and being together are much more important and useful.
I like your photos very much,and you know about it. I also hope you like mine. But not only your appearance attracts me so much. Your nice character and honesty,kindness and appreciation of me are your main features,which are too important for me. I really need you,I would like to be with you for ever,till the end of our lives. I dream about creating family and our
happy marriage. But you should understand that all of these are impossible to do without our first meeting.
In my opinion,it would be better not to meet in my city,but to meet at your country. I don't want you to be her now. To say the true,it's a real shame for me! I have already told you that my city and my flat are not so comfortable for our staying. Moreover,I am thinking about its repair. But I am sure that after our first meeting we will also be able to visit Russia,if
you won't mind. I will try to do my best to organize our date. During my trip to you my flat could be repaired.
It is very important for me to know what do you think about my suggestion? Could you accept it? I understand that our future date is our common business. Though my incom is not so big,I am ready to use some of my money for my trip. I am realy sorry about it,but I have no other way,except asking you if you could help me a little bit? You understand that flying to your country is not so cheap for me. Moreover,I live alone and have no ability to make any additional money but my salary.May be it's not good of me to ask you about it(I am sorry again),but I would be very glad if you can help me,another part of money I will find by myself. I hope you understand that I have already had bad experience with one American man,that's why I won't ask for money for my friends. I am really afraid of that situation and hope it will never repeats again...
So,to sum it up,I would like you to think about our meeting.please tell me about your decision. If you mind,I will understand you,but I am really waiting for seeing you. I miss you very much and hope we will be together soon.
Lots of love,Olga.

When I told her no, and that she could only travel to the US on a fiancee visa, and I must visit her first to get this, and that I would never send money to someone I had never met, she replied:

Hello ,
Your last letter let me understand a lot. I have understood that you are not sincere at all,self-confident,angry and dishonest. You don't
want to have serious relationships with me,you just want to play... The way of getting visa ,which you had written about is the way of getting visa for constant residence for wife of the American citizen.
My friend works at the tourist agency in our city. She helped me to go to America for the last time. During 1 month I had completed all the documents that were necessary for having visa. And in a month I had
visa for 15 days to the state I had visited. the ticket from Kazan to your city costs about 700-800$! Visa for 15 days costs 200$. Frankly speaking,I think that you are just playing with me and wasting my and
your time in oreder not to meet with me at all. But I am not going to have such attitudes. I am not going to play. I am very sad because of your words. I DON'T NEED ANY MONEY FROM YOU AT ALL! i WILL NEVER ASK
YOU ABOUT IT. You offended and hurted me very much...

No way can she get a visa to the U.S. on her own.


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