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Last name: Mark
Age: 32
Location details: USA, Oklahoma, Tulsa
Postal address: 1101 north 13th street Enid. Oklahoma
Phone number: 14067837588
E-mail address:


Photos are from known porn star Kelsey Hess. The profile owner "Sandy" has been chatting with me and stating that both her parents are dead and she will inherit millions once she is married. Of course she's not the person in the photos. The person in the photo lives in Southern California and has a paid soft porn website. The person using the photos for the this profile is likely a guy in Nigeria. All emails I received from Sandy have a Lagos, Nigeria IP address. I didn't let the person set me up for the Wstern Union travel scam because I got tired of the pointless chat.<br />
<br />
Extensive scam report history at this site:<br />


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