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Last name: lana
Age: 31
Location details: Oleksandrivsk
Postal address: lugansk
Phone number:
E-mail address:


After a very few emails she ask for money, gave me nude pictures. I told her no money honey and she was not so pleaced. no doubt in my mind it's a scammer.

This is a copy of the mail:
You attract me very much and I appreciate that you are so
open and sincere with me. It is important in relations. I am
open with you too and I have to say to you that I have a
problem right now. I do not have computer at home and do not
need it at work so I do not know how to use it. For me the
only way to communicate with you is using translation bureau
which helps me with letters. I have now difficult times at
work and I feel that I cannot continue paying for
translation service. We learnt each other pretty well
already and I want so much to continue talking to you.
xxxx, if you are really serious about us and interested in
me as I am, can you please help me with translation fees? I
do not ask too much, at least for three or four letters so
that we can be sure in each other's feelings.
I understand that it is not so easy for you to make a
decision, but I will appreciate if you would answer me soon!

Sweet kisses
From Svetlana


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