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Last name: unknown
Age: 22
Location details: Kazan, Russia
Postal address: Kazan, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I had about 5 letters from this woman. She is on your website under 28600 under the name Olga. She is listed as being from Kazan and is 22 years old.
She asked me for money for a passport and visa, and does not appear to have paid enough attention to know where I lived when she wrote the attached letter. She ignored direct questions that I asked in letters to her, which made me suspect that she was a scammer early on. This letter was no surprise.


Listen I give you the large trust. I believe to you completely. I believe in that that we can
To meet and I believe in that that you will not address with me poorly. I know that it will not be. I know that I like to you.
You too to me very much like. I do not deceive you. It is the truth. You that which man I searched very long. I do not know as you to explain my pleasure in this occasion. I am very glad that we can to meet. Now I want to you to inform my news. Today with repeatedly talked to the parents about our meeting. And my mum has told To me that at here in Moscow there is an old girlfriend, which works in embassy. My mum has told that Itself for a long time ordered in the girlfriend to issue the visa and foreign passport that To arrive in USA. Earlier sister of my mum there lived. Now she lives in Kazakhstan.
My mum has told that already has talked to the girlfriend from Moscow, that she has helped with registration The tourist visa in your country and foreign passport. The girlfriend of my mum has told that she Can prepare these documents for me for 2 weeks and their price will be:
The tourist visa - 190 USD
The foreign passport - 170 USD
That I could begin them to make out to me it will be necessary to go to the girlfriend of my mother in Moscow This Saturday. Now my parents do not have for this purpose money. I think that both of us need to make it. You can help me with it? If you can, then I can go on Saturday and begin
To make out these documents for our meeting.
What you think about it? I wait for your answer.



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