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Last name: valentina
Age: 33
Location details: krasilov ukraine
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:
Webpage: id 162488


~Welcome~<br />
to the land of fast and<br />
qualitative translation<br />
"Krasilov" TGS.<br />
<br />
Dear Sir, as you are involved into<br />
a personal correspondence with Lady<br />
Valentina ( and<br />
she is our client,using the service<br />
of Internet and Translation,we bring<br />
it to your attention, that our service<br />
is charged and Valentina's account has<br />
already expired.<br />
Nevertheless, She asked us to pass you<br />
this short note:<br />
<br />
"My darling, I am so depressed by the fact our correspondence<br />
is interrupted for some time, but I am not able to pay for the<br />
filling up our account. That's why I have no other way, but ask you<br />
for your help because I do not want to stop our relations!<br />
I liked you a lot from the first line and first letter and I don't want<br />
to lose you now! I am sure you are My Man and I need nobody else.<br />
Do you feel that for me? If you do, don't leave me, I want you so much honey!<br />
Yours only, Valya"<br />
<br />
<br />
If you still want to continue your relations<br />
with miss Valya, we will provide you with all<br />
the necessary details of our costs.<br />
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
<br />
Best Regards,<br />
the manager of the<br />
"Krasilov" Translation Group.<br />
<br />


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