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Last name: Istrate
Age: 27
Location details: Donetsk
Postal address: Volkhovs'ka St, 22/47,Donets'k, Donets'ka oblastUkraina 83000,
Phone number: 00380 66 015 68 26
E-mail address:


She is a SCAMMER (Id 157086)
This girl (She call her self Anya) but her name is Anna Istrate and coming from Donetsk is a SCAMMER, she send a few mail and after this letter this email was coming from this Translation Agency. This girl Anna Istrate also use this email ( for corresponding.
This is her address, this is what Anya gave me for sending money to the Union Western so we could go on whit our corresponding.
Anna Istrate<br />
Volkhovs'ka St, 22/47,
Donets'k, Donets'ka oblast,
Ukraina 83000
<br />
Little from her last email
My darling xxxxxxx!
I'm very happy that I have the opportunity to write to you today.
Honey, I have missed you very much and the fact I can't write to you
anytime I want kills me. I'm very thankful to you that you will be
able to help me later, it really means much for me. I just hope it
will be soon as I'm missing our communication a lot!
My darling, my home address is correct. I hope so much that you will
be able to help me with the correspondence as soon as possible as I'm so impatient to be able to correspond with you more often. I have paid<br />
for this letter and also for your next reply, but unfortunately I
cannot continue paying further.
Your Anya<

We notify you that this client of ours - miss Anna
( is currently off our service as her paid
contract with us is over. We have been providing her Internet access
to a mailbox that we set up for her and we have been translating the correspondence between you and her. Unfortunately at this moment her
financial situation does not allow her to enrich her account to continue your correspondence.
If you have any questions or you want to set up another contract for
correspondence - feel free to contact us at (
Sincerely yours,
Irina Mironova
translation agency
(professional translations).
Warning! do not write to this woman she is a SCAMMER


She ask for money after 3-4 letters so she can pay for translation agency of my letters.
Also this Tranlation Agency some Irina something send me an email and ask me to pay for her.
This Anna asked me to send money to an Wester union office, i told her to pay her self and i will later pay her when we was a couple.
After this she stop write to me, i also have tryed to phone her but she take of my calls.
She is a Scammer and all she want is money.


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