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Last name: Wennie
Age: 32
Location details: PHILLIPINES
Postal address:
Phone number: unknown
E-mail address:


One exchange of email within in site and she sYes if i could buy a one set of computer there is a free internet connection that we can able to communicate well and better everyday in my room or in our house if i have my own computer. And if you can help me to buy computer then i will not go to internet cafe which is very far from our home and very dangerous for me to go always going at cafe which we don't know the situations. I am not safe that i will go to internet cafe and which hinders me to go to cafe because my grandparents also afraid and so much costly to rent computer too.In fact , there is a promo sale set of computer free package all with connection too that cost 23 thousand pesos only. I hope and pray that i could able to buy it as possible as promo sale almost to end. Do you care or help me to buy a computer. This is not for myself but this is for us our good and constant communications everyday as i always thinking of you too that i am so much serious and honest in having a communications with you. I feel too comfortable talking with you and yet my grandparents knew also about us as i told them about you. They just told me that i am free for what is good forolicited money.


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