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Last name: Lubenko
Age: 46
Location details: Ukraine/Lviv
Postal address: Kievskaya st 12/4
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Numerous proclaimations of love and devotion. Was supposed to come to USA on vacation. Need assistance. Sent a receipt for deposit:<br />
Good evening, My Sweetheart, my Dearest Stan.<br />
My Love, there is always some words in your letter that makes me look in dictionary, for learning what that word meansÖ But today after reading all your letters, I didnít even have to look in dictionary, because I could understand meaning of every single words just by your emotions. My Honey, yes, of course I can tell that you are sad and upset. And after that story about woman from Moldova, I can understand you. But why do you make conclusions just right away? Without talking to me? Why do you panic right away? My Honey, you were very sad about my rentÖ But where do I have to live until July, 12th????? Outside? Every month (in the end of the month) I pay rent. So, from my June-salary I will pay for June (that is gone almost) and then I still need to live somewhere until July, 12th, right? Itís almost half of month. So, instead of 1 moth rent I need to pay 1,5 months rent from my salary. I hope you understand, what I am explaining. Please forget about travel money. I will be ok, I will find money somewhere, itís not much needed, just pocket-money, so I will find. Sorry, that I mentioned about it. If I could only know that you would react this way. In your last letter messages you started to say bad things, how I sleep at night and how I look in the mirror and things like thoseÖ And you know, it scared me away. It reminded me about way how you were talking to me some time ago, when you asked not to write to you any more. Dear Stan, do you love me? Are you sure about your feelings? I am asking, because I love you very much and I donít want you to be upset about something again. I want us always to talk about anything, before making final conclusion, ok?<br />
My Sweetheart, my Darling, you were angry that I didnít mention about my complexion? Why were you angry? Was is that important to you? Or you just were angry because I didnít answer your question. My Honey, my Dearest Stan, donít forget that I write in second language, so itís not that easy like in native language, While writing about one thing, I can forget about another thing. But if I donít answer some of your questions, you just remind me about it and I answer.<br />
My Honey, I donít think that all Americans are rich. Only shallow people can think that way. No matter what country you live in, there is always wealthy and not wealthy people. Right? I am not small girl any more and I understand all things.<br />
My Dearest Stan, you asked to send you copy of the check that I got from travel agent. I am sending it to you. The amount is in Ukrainain money (hrivnas). Well, it took some time for me to find co-worker who would help me with scanning, because I am not good with that. But in tone of your talking I got impression that maybe you donít want me to come at all? So, please let me know, while itís not too late, so I will take money back from travel agent and send it to you. I donít want to be broken for the second time. It will kill me. But if you donít want me again, please tell me now. Remember, I love you very much.<br />
I hope I commented all things from your letter. Tomorrow will be Sunday and I will not work. But if I will have chance to use computer in the morning when my shift is over, I will check my mailbox and will write you. Be safe and please calm down, my Honey. I am here not to hurt you, my Sweetheart. I love you.<br />
Yours only, Anna.<br />
After sending me copy of receipt I follishly sent second half of money. <br />
Good day, my Dearest Stan, my Sweetheart, the most Important Man in the worldÖ<br />
How are you today, my Love? Are you in good mood? My Love, thank you very much for your letters, my Everything. Why do you pay so big tax? I know you earn more in USA, but you pay huge taxesÖMy Honey, my Sweetheart, I wrote down the number you gave me and I will go to pick up money in western union tomorrow after work. And I will go to travel agency right away, my Sweetheart. So I will pay the rest and will let you know all details, my Darling. I am so happy that we are closer and closer with all preparations, my Sweetheart, my Dearest Stan. I love you so much, my Sweetheart.<br />
My Honey, if you can love me just 1/10 of how much I love you, then you have made me the Happiest woman in the Universe. My Sweetheart, I want you to know that I will forever be faithful to you. You do not ever have to worry about this. I am yours and yours alone, I need not anyone else and it has been this way since first day with you. I am sure you will be a good partner, I feel all of this in my heart and soul, I entrust my heart and soul to you I know they are safe with you, and that no harm will come to them. I will always be open with you. And I want you to be the same with me too, my Everything. I am yours and do not want anyone else, but you, in my comfort zone. You have given me the most important thing I could ever ask for yourselfÖ your love. Thank you, my Darling. <br />
Until tomorrow, my Beloved Man, I leave my heart and my soul in your hands, for safe keeping. I am not afraid anymore. I love you so much. We are going to be together! We will need to pinch each other when we meet for the first time at the airport:)))<br />
My Honey, if I will have chance to write you in the morning after my shift, I will. But I canít promise. If I will have chance. I love you more than you can imagine.
YOURS forever, Anna.
Never heard from her again.


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