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Last name: Kudryavce
Age: 28
Location details: Not Known
Postal address: Not Known
Phone number:
E-mail address:
ICQ: 172071


We met on web page, and corresponded with each other for a while. I invited her to the U.S., She asked for money to get her International passport and other expenses , which I sent her. She asked me fr more money to show to the U.S. consulate in Moscow because she was getting a professional Visa, which I sent her. She called me from Moscow to tell me she was hit and robbed off the money I sent her, and she will be going to the hospital for treatment. After that I never heard from her. I would like to know if her story was true, I am worried about her, and need to contact her. If she was a scamer, then she should be treated as such!


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