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Last name: unknown
Age: 33
Location details: Krasnodon
Postal address: unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:


We sent several letters back and forth. At first the writer seem to personalize the letters and then they became canned letters. I would ask questions which were not answered. Even a letter accusing the writer of being a scammer was replied to with another canned letter as per below:

Hello my dear
It is a pleasure for me to get your letters and to have our communication. It means a lot for me. I can feel that your feelings are serious and your words can't be empty. I want to believe that I do not mistake in my thoughts.
You know,we can write a lot of words in our letters, but sometimes the actions speak louder than the words. I am in a big trouble now and I want to share it with. I do not know your reaction on it, but I am not afraid to tell you the truth.
So, I have some problems with my work. As you know, I work as an accountant in a shop. A director of this shop is close to the bankrupt. My salary and the salary of other workers will be reduced from the next month and it is a reasonable changing for me. As an accountant, I can say that she will not be able to improve her business. Our laws are stupid and they try to kill a small business, which is not able to develop in such circumstances. I think, I should start to search another place of work, which is not easy now.
I didn't tell to my mom about it and I do not know how to do it because my salary was tiny and now we will not be able to pay even for some necessary things. I can feel that a very hard period of time is waiting for me and my mom now and frankly speaking I am afraid of it very much.
Probably it is very difficult for you to imagine the feelings of a lonely woman when she gets in a trouble, when there is nobody to rely on and when she is impotent to change something. I do not want to complain and to explain anything, but I do hope you understand me without any words. Now I worry not only about my future,but also about our connection.<
It became a part of my life and yes!!!!.... I am afraid to lose it.
Unfortunately I do not have another way to communicate with you because I do not have my computer. I can't write to you my letters by myself because I do not speak English well and I do not have enough time during my lunch time for it. A service of a private translator is very convenient for me now. I do not want to use an electronic translator because I do not want to have the misunderstanding between us. I want my feelings to be expressed for your correctly. It is very important for us, I think. I was lucky to meet you.
You know, I was thinking about different ways of solving this problem and I have never felt such impotence. I have to ask you for help. So, if you decide to stop writing to me, I will try to understand you.
Of course I can't insist on it. I would never do it. It is the first time in my life. I ask you to let us to stay in touch and
to help me with the payment for our correspondence. I do not want to have a boundless correspondence with you, because I think that very soon we will plan our meeting, but I would like to know you better before it and our correspondence is only one thin thread between us now. If we lose our connection, we will lose each other.
Believe me,I am very ashamed of asking for the help,but I do it because I know that later,if we lose our connection, we can regret about it.
If I had just a little possibility to solve this problem, I would never ask you for help because it is a humiliation for me.
Please, sorry for my sad letter. I will be waiting for your respond very much, having a hope in my heart.
Sincerely yours Alla with love and hope.


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