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Last name: Julia
Age: 37
Location details: Gorlovka - Ukraine
Postal address: false address given (letter returned)
Phone number: +380669747335
E-mail address:


After email exchanges, I proposed to meet in Kiev, not to have to go to Gorlovka. I said that I would pay for the plane ticket from Donetsk.She said yes and asked for 150 ? to pay for the trip return. I sent 200 ? by Western Union and we fixed a date. I reserved a luxury hotel in Kiev with 2 beds, telling her that if after first contact, she thought I as not the right person, I would get a second room for the night. I had reserved for 2 nights last wxeek. I had messages by email and several phone calls until my departure. Once I was in Kiev, no answer on the phone, on Sunday Sept. 2,fromp 6 pm (landing) to 10 pm when I tried one last time from the hotel and she picked up. I was surprised. She said she had been involved in a tazxi accidcfent and offered to come the next morning. I asked at what time. She said 10 am she could be at the hotel. I waited all day on Monday. She never picked up the phone again and never came. I flew back on the Tuesday.
Strange enough, she still answers her email address (see above) so there might be a possibility to find her. Please take her out of your network. She will make you a bad reputation if she continues. <br />
Best regards<br />
Luc Rivet +32 475 455683 Belgium Brussels


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