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Age: 26
Location details: Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk, Russia
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Dear sirs,

Here are some of the mails this lady sent to me......even asking for money in a bank in Austria, How clever is that! I hope she gets reported on your site too.

Hello my dear.
Excuse, that could not write to you on Saturday and Sunday. From which I write Internet-cafe to you, was closed on Saturday and Sunday. To me it is very insulting, that I could not write to you. All that time when I could not write to you, I thought of you and about our meeting. I very much want to be with you. When I read your letter, I raised to myself a hand and have terminated some times. I want to engage with you sex. I very much am afraid to travel by train. In Russia it is very dangerous, especial for the girl who goes one. My city is on distance 7000 km, from Moscow. On trip by train there will leave a lot of time. I went to travel agency which is in our city. To me have told, that they can book a ticket there and back up to Lisbon. Tickets cost 420 euro. If you can help me, you can send them on this account?
Correspondent bank: RAIFFEISEN ZENRALBANK OESTERREICH (RZB-AUSTRIA), Vienna Am Stadtpark 9, P.O.Box 50, A-1011 Vienna, Austria
Acc. with correspondent bank:? 1-50.092.584/100. EUR Beneficiary's bank: Alfa-Bank Moscow
Beneficiary's Acc.: 42301978704220000338

Please send money only in euro.

It is the account of the tourist agent which will legalize papers also tickets. It will be more safe. As soon as money will arrive on his account, he will begin official registration of papers. We can meet in June?
I very much miss on you and under your letters.
I each day wait for our meeting. I dream of you and nothing I can make with myself. I do not know, that to me to do. You are necessary for me. I very much miss on you. I am ready to shout to all world as you are necessary for me. You are the better, all over the world. I send you one million kisses, and let they will fly by through all distance dividing us, and will reach you. Let they disperse clouds at you above a head, and let for you the sun shines. When the sun will appear, know, that its beams, these are beams of my love. With love your Kate.

Hello my dear prince.
I so am glad to receive from you the letter!
You very beautiful in these photos. When I have seen them, I was strongly excited. I even began wet from below. I liked yours tattoo. Today as always I want to tell you many words about that as I am happy, that have met you! I think of you each day. I go to sleep and I wake up with your name on my lips!!! I never saw such kind and loving the man as you!!
You my ideal!!!
I went to a travel company and they have given me the information necessary to arrive to you. Flight needs to be carried out from Bratsk, through Moscow up to Faro. From Bratsk up to Moscow the plane flies, airlines Krasnoyarsk Airlines, the ticket costs 379 euro+21 euro gathering of the airport. From Moscow up to Faro, the plane of company British Airways flies, and the ticket costs 665 euro +21 euro gathering of the airport. As in agency have told, that they make out the visa which costs 150 euro, and the passport for travel abroad which costs 120 euro. The total sum makes 1256 euro. To me have told, that on official registration of papers and tickets it is required 7-9 days. I very much want to arrive to you, but not I, I can not collect such sum. To me it is very insulting. I am happy, that the destiny has helped us to know each other!! When we can meet each other, it will be the happiest day in my life!! I so want to appear in your warm embraces faster, my prince! Today the sky has moved apart clouds, and has shown the sun because I have received your letter, my love! I very much want to be with you together in a bath. I want to touch your wet, warm body, lips. I want to kiss you everywhere. I want, that your body from my touches became elastic, as a stone. And not only a body. I want to feel your elasticity in the hands, inside myself. I want to pinch water from all your body while you will not receive divine pleasure. I, probably, am very frank with you? What you do with me? You have won my heart, as the present knight. I your princess eternally.
I want, that you with me were eternal. I do not want you to lose. I can not wait that moment when we can meet. This day for me becomes the main day in my life. I kiss you so much time, how many beams the sun has! With all my love for you, yours forever, Kate.


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