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Last name: Natalya Kobzar
Age: 26
Location details: Gorlovka City
Postal address: puskinskaya 15/18
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I lost 500 dollars on her.
using fake passport ,also fake school sign-in document aswell needs money for letters and later English courses.
I knew it from the start, but was to curious to stop.
She used a translation company who are also in the plot company called: Easy translations
contact with company is possible. i have made contact many times for information.

Contact information:
Pershotravneva str. 83, Gorlovka city, 84601.
tel.: +380957924018
Miss Natali's home address is Pushkinskaya, 15/18, Gorlovka city,
Ukraine, 84603. Her full name is Natalia Kobzar'
This address is from her so called friend
she told me
Volkova block, 1/27, Lugansk city, Ukraine, 91000.
Name: Zinchenko J.V.
These emails where also used:


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