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Katerina Verbitskaya
First name:

Katerina Verbitskaya

Last name: Verbitskaya
Age: 28
Location details: Kremenchug
Postal address: 39600
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


I am glad that I was not mistaking when I thought you were a gentleman. No, really, I am glad that you want so share translation fees with me and that we will continue our correspondence until personal meeting.
I just hope, my dear that you will be serious with me.. I have never done this before but I was told that I can get your help via Western
Union or MoneyGram. I am not sure what MoneyGram is but I heard that Western Union can make money transfer from you to me so I can pay for the translation of our letters.

full name: Verbitskaya Ekaterina
postal code: 39600
address: Myrnaya Street, 15
city: Kremenchuk<
oblast: Poltavs'ka
country: Ukraine.

Well, I am not sure if I am able to answer your next letter so I will wait for your help and letters.
With hope again..
Yours, Ekaterina.


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