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Natalya Kozachenko
First name:

Natalya Kozachenko

Last name: Kozachenko
Age: 24
Location details: Lugansk, 91000
Postal address: Lineva str.,29/15
Phone number:
E-mail address:,


Hello,my dear !<
I'm so happy we are together again! I missed your letters. It's so sad to lose something, that was dear and pleasant. I guess, you are happy, that we can read each other's letters again. I never thought, that life can change in such a short period of time. Yes, yes...
Our correspondence became very pleasant and important part of my life... I won't hide from you, I wait for your letters impatiently. Today I dreamt we are
having breakfast together... there was coffee and cakes. I could even smell coffee's aroma. How I wish it'll happen with us in a real life...
My grandma everything happens in this life happens for a reason. I hope our meeting was meant to be a lucky chance given by fate. At the moment,
we have only our letters where we can learn each other better and get closer.
But I wasnt us to meet.
Honey, sorry that I return to that topic, I don't feel comfortable to ask you about.
It's really very expensive for me to pay for letters. I really hope for your support.

Here is my full name and address:
Natalya Kozachenko
Lineva str.,29/15
Lugansk city
Ukraine, 91000.

Will be sad if we'll part in the beginning of our relationship. I want to read your
letters every day. It's very important for us.
Miss you so much, my darling!
Waiting for your lettrers.
Kissing you.
Yours Natalya.

Unfortunately I don't have PC and Internet at home.
Honey, sorry, but if you won't help me with payment for correspondence fees,
I can't write you again. I'm out of money. No offenses, but I paid for our letters
up till now. I think, that man should take care about his woman. What do you think?
One month unlimited correspondence cost only 100$. ) Or you think it's a big sum to talk about it? I don't feel comfortable, it's not about money, but our communication.
How can we continue our communication further? Is it all because of these 100$? )
Everything depends on you now.
Kiss, Natalya.


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