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Last name: unknown
Age: 25
Location details: Texas, USA
Postal address: Texas, USA
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Can't you people stop some of these girls that are trying to get money from people that are good natured? Here is a letter I got today from a girl today. Her member number is 31598

i want to tell u my story i have a problem in africa that i want to tell u now my story,honey i want u to help me out and if u help me out of the place i am i will have u forever and i will spend the rest of my life whit u.this is the story i want to tell u,
my name is janet am from MN, 5'7fth tall single heart broken... i help a friend who is a wedding planner...... i lost my mom 7yrs ago while i was in texas two
years ago..... came to MN after i lost my mom........ i have a sister
she is in Last Vegas but a drug adict......... do you like to know
about the recently heart broken that i had?
i want you to help me out in this shit,i dont want to tell anybody cuz its a shameful thing,but am going to tell u. what has happened to me is a long story,i will just brief braek it down for u.if u wanna help u can help out.i met one guy on internet in last two years and he told me that he love me to be his wife and i accept cuz This guy was so good and nice to me,
The guy is from africa later he invited me to his country and i gather some money and i went there when i got there he took me to one hotel there and we slept there till next day when i woke up in the next day i told him to took me to his family house and he refused to do that.Next day i slept b4 i woke up the guy have stole my money and jeweries and ran away.he left me in the hotel This just happen to me recently even am still in the hotel in africa the hotel have seized up my travelling document due to hotel bills that i am owing them. without payment they will not release my travel document.if u can help me in this shit i will very grateful.
honey thanks i will be waiting for yr reply ok bye.


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