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Anastasiya Fedorova
First name:

Anastasiya Fedorova

Last name:
Age: 28
Location details: Cheboksary
Postal address: 000000
Phone number:
E-mail address:,


I believe this person is the using the same picturs in the profile of Olga (id=181350).
Meaning this is a scammer.
Best regards. K

Hello,whats up ? :)
my name is Anastasiya
will try tell you about myself now.
i live in Russia,St.Petersburg,
i am 30 years old,5'6 tall,not too old for you ?
just joking :)
120 lbs weigh,extremely beautiful(i look younger than
ladies of my age),no kids,just divorced last year.
what is about you ?
I work as dentist for last 7 years in private clinic,
what is about you ? what do you do for living ?
I do not smoke and drink(only little bit),never took
any kind of drugs so i look like younger.
my birthday is 11 of may.

Dear i checked with flights and there are are flights available
from 15 of October the date i looked for,
the price is about 400 Euro(BLL),
i did spend my last savings for rent and i paid off the credit i took to support dad in summer for the roof on the farm, If you have an opportunity to come up with flight funds it would be great,you can get flight funds here by Western Union<br />
(you can look for their office at any bank in your city) or Money Gram
send it to any bank in Russia,St.Petersburg,
you will need my full name Anastasiya Fedorova,
they will give you transfer code # and you should send it
here after transfer,i have been told i need to here at the bank, to pick up funds.I will send you my flight info as soon as i have it by myself,i will need to take vacation any way and my next one will be in 2013 only,i am sending you the copy of my passport so you have it there just in order.

Dear 400 Euro include the visa price and flight funds
and that i was getting it without problems and i am not sure how to separate this payment because it should be done with the whole one and i do not know if they make the visa if i did not pay for tickets and really not sure how to do it by myself,
i need to pay the agency the whole amount of 400 Euro,
for visa i got already and the tickets price also,
give me the dates,i can come for 2 weeks,and please send funds as soon as possible you have info already.


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