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Last name: Unknown
Age: 29
Location details: Ukraine
Postal address: Unknown
Phone number:
E-mail address:


She provided a private email address to correspond with. After a few private emails I get email from Easywords Translation company wanting money to continue correspond with Julia.
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012 12:49 AM
"" <>
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Hello, Dear Sir xxx!
Welcome to the translation bureau "EASY - WORDS"
We are providing all types of translations in all spheres of human's life, such as spoken language and in written form.
We are guarantees absolute privacy and confidence correspondences to all our clients. Also our bureau propose flexible prices and high quality of translations. And we are making our service accessible to everybody. Your Lady
Julia.- is one of our clients. She used our service to translate your correspondence from the very beginning. But unfortunately now her account is empty, cause of her financial circumstances. If you are interested to continue
your correspondence with miss Julia - we will send you our prices and conditions. Our goal is provide professional translations with the minimal prices and time consumption.
We emphasize on quality and reliability of our services and always consider all customers’ request. In our translations, we always retain what author says and accurately keep
author's style and privacy.

Translation services we provide:
- personal and corporation documents;
- negotiations, business, personal meetings;
- telephone talks;
- foreign travel interpreter service;
- interpreter-guide;
- notary authorized documents translation;
translation bureau "EASY - WORDS"

Manager, N.Malisheva.
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My boy friend!!!
Tuesday, December 4, 2012 3:28 AM
From:"" <><
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Hi sweetheart !!! Yesterday after work when I came home and all my evening I thought about you . I understood that from the moment when I met you ,my life changed a lot ...In the morning I wake up with a hope that you will write me
today. And in the evening I go sleep with thoughts about you.My honey i am so happy that you will come to me!!!!My honey i need you and i want to be with you!!!Oh my honey I think that we will live together because i want to spend
with you as much time as i can.My honey i want to know you better)))
I think for each person idea of happiness don't looks like a common idea. Everybody looks for their own happiness. If you know what exactly can make you happy you should do everything to be happy. Don`t you agree with me? That`s why
I did everything to find you! And I found you !!When I read your letter I forget about everything in the world! Because I became I do think so! You opened my heart for new feelings and I`m thankful to you for this! But I only ask
you don't knowing that you want to be with me, and that you want to meet me. It means a lot for me because I seek for my future
husband and I take our relationships seriously. Can it be possible? When I came to translation company I was so happy to have a letter from you . But then manager told me that my account will expire after this letter . I was so upset... I
can`t continue to pay for translation fees any more. I understand that we can't write only letters to each other for all the time. That`s why I do want to start to learn English soon. But now we can't lose our chance for future meeting . As you already know, I paid for our correspondence
and now I don`t ask you for money for my own needs. I only want to stay in touch with you, my dear! Please help us and our relationship to go on as well. Because we need this correspondence to learn each other better before we meet in real. Don`t you think so? I think this is very important for
any relations. I understand that you probably have some doubts in sending money to a person with whom you have never met. But I`m very serious with you and I don`t play with your feelings. Now, I want to know if you are serious too. I hope all our correspondence was not only a game for you...
I think your reaction and action for my request will shows your feelings to me. I am here only for you. What if we were born for one another? And now you should decide what exactly our relationship means for you . I will be waiting for your reply. . Now everything depends of you . Please make a right
decision which will not make you sad.


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